Closed & Locked Up

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Brian
A side door to the old Bath House, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. Both the town and Bath House have an interesting past. Woodhall Spa owes its beginnings to John Parkinson. He had three aims in life - to build a town, plant a forest and sink a coalmine. Just an ordinary fellow really! The town was built at nearby New Bolingbroke where a fine street of town houses can be seen. The forest was planted at Woodhall and is still enjoyed and the coal mine was also at Woodhall. By chance when the shaft reached 540 feet there was an inrush of water, the shaft had broached a spring.. There was coal too, and encouraged by his find John Parkinson continued to finance the project until his money ran out. In 1809 the abandoned shaft was covered with a metal cover. In 1812 it was noticed that the metal had changed colour and that the shaft had filled with water which overflowed. Tales began to spread about the healing powers of the waters and samples wert sent away for analysis, The water was found to contain a high proportion of bromide and iodine only to be found in one other spa, in Bavaria. By 1834 a Pump Room, Bath House and hotel had been built and people came from far and wide to take the cure.. The use of the spa baths declined over the years and they finally closed in 1983, following the collapsed of the well. The building are now boarded up and in a poor state of repair.


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