Amtrak Chicago

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Loco Steve
When arriving from the south at Chicago union station you pass through the amtrak 14th Street Coach Yard & Maintainence facility Amtrak operates a 48 acre site here : ( Metra also has a 20 acre site adjoining, on the right ) A six-story control tower overlooks and coordinates activities there Amtrak long distance trains could be described as hotels on wheels, Railroad workers perform numerous tasks here such as as repairing engines, replacing the wheels on sleeping cars, checking water supplies to restocking toilet paper.Replenishing food and drink supplies ,cleaning Etc.. There is a giant car wash for washing the locomotives and coaches In the inspection building, which can hold as many as 28 cars on two sets of tracks. Are pits below the tracks that allow workers to walk the length of the trains and inspect the undercarriages. In the car shop, five sets of tracks accommodate cars that need wheels replaced, refrigeration repairs or major electrical work. In the Engine house, up to 20 locomotives are fueled, traction motors are changed and wheels are resurfaced. On the storage tracks, cars wait to go out and a few are in line for maintenance. Switch crews, coach cleaners, train directors, levermen, stationmasters, tower operators and yard masters are some of the 400 workers that keep the yard running 24 hours a day. Please feel free to browse my group index via link below and explore some of my favorite train journeys across the USA Click here for index..</a


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