Ràbia! ( i III)

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🎶.... Take me away🎵 Miles and Miles away from here🎶 🎶 ..I see the sun🎵 when you looking at the moon🎵🎶 🎶 ....can you feel me, 🎶when I think about you ?🎵🎶 Busy Goéland France-000537 Landing. An-22 RA-09341 Sometimes the person who tries to makes everyone happy is the most lonely person... 🎶 Me quede con tus recuerdos🎵 que eso no los borra nada🎵🎶💙 Super Petrel LS RA-0281A Landing.Il-14 RA-1114K(СССР-91612) ZA RA Extra 330LC RA-0330G. Pilot- Viktor Chmal 012713_1684 Autumn. Super Petrel LS RA-0281A RA-65565 RA-76745 ©AnaViotti_Lao Ra-2 IMG_7058 On se casse  !!

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Joan Sorolla
Rage (and III) See more at: sorolla-photography.com


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