What's in my bag August 12, 2012

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Do8y
I apologise for the appalling quality of the photograph. That is the combination of using an iPhone and a location with uneven lighting. Normally an iPhone 4 should be present in this picture as I always carry it in the bag - actually in the blue '3way Accessory Case' attached to the blue 'Deluxe Strap Pad'. I didn't empty the Ordning & Reda Pencil case as it has only a couple of pens (Pentel Tradio - www.penteleurope.com/pages/trj50_trj74_infopage.htm and a Rotring Core series fountain pen, Tanakor model used to write on my main working notepad - a Clairefontaine - good paper deserves to be honoured with a fountain pen and a good ink) and a pack of Waterman ink cartridges in it. The bag is a: Custom Laptop Messenger Bag - size: medium - ballistic nylon spinach / stripes blue / ballistic nylon spinach - binding: pacific blue - logo: pacific blue - liner: argon blue - crater laptop sleeve - grab strap - compression straps with tabs - right handed I find the blue liner especially nice, although I have always been a fan of the orange ones. Notoriously missing - my Livescribe pen, which I forgot at work this weekend. As always, my What's in my bag shot comes heavily annotated with Flickr-notes, simply mouse-over an object to see what it is.


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