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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Giles Watson
Glade It was plashed with light when I dashed upon it - A woodsman’s glade – a calm arrangement Of objects - the half-finished fence, woven Of withies, the lathe, the rude enclosure, And the dying light, spinning its own Craftsmanship amongst the leaves. The hazel coppice, a hidden dell, Was squirrel-scolded and jackdaw-chattered; Wood-pigeons uttered auguries, And the so-called world, paying its tithe To finance and to terror, hung muted. When all of those are gone, and men Are thrown back on their own resource, The one who worked here will bend to making As ever – or if not him, his daughter, Shedding her shavings to the loam. Our inventions will be as foam On a remorseless sea, but she Will plant one foot on ground, the other On the treadle, and send A spray of shavings to the ground, A quieter world awaking To the rhythm of her making. Poem by Giles Watson, 2011. A film and reading can be seen here:


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