RAW Copenhagen 2011

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Tiws
August came around and it was time for the biggest clubbing event in Copenhagen, the annual RAW event! This year it was held at the Carlsberg brewery area and we set some major walls as part of the industrial container decoration of the 7 arenas with music. This wall covered 4 big shipping containers and by chance we got a lineup assembled that had never painted together before. Me and Soten with the styles, Mr. Way in the middle with a 3D Way-building and Mr. S on the sides with two huge exotic and erotic girls, all together making for a Bladerunner-ish feel that was the topic of everything at RAW 2011. I had been waiting since the new Molotow colors came out in May to do this colorscheme, very happy about the new dark-red addition of Granat and the new MadC Psycho Pink we used for outline in the colorrange. Big shouts to Ohoi! for setting up the whole RAW event like champs, thanks to everyone on the RAW Graffiti team and to everyone from the production crew we met in the 3 days of setting up. The party itself, the RAW night, whats to say, it was out of this world, without a doubt the party of the year in Copenhagen!


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