University of Waterloo Davis Center - Reprocessed

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Jon
I needed to reprocess This photo, from a few years ago, to provide a copy to someone. I still had the original RAW files, so reprocessed it entirely. The original is one of my most popular photos, consistently ranking in my top 20 by flickr's measures, and getting a few hits a day off google. I'm reluctant to replace the original, but thought there were some interesting things raised with the new one. I took the source shots for this handheld, nine frames, and I always was frustrated with how bad the original image looked full-size, due to ghosting (the two people) and alignment issues. It blows me away how much the tools (primarily photomatix) have improved since I did the original. In the two years, the anti ghosting and alignment has made huge leaps. My processing techniques have also improved somewhat (although this photo isn't really the "subtle" use of HDR I've been trying for recently - the building colours just lend themselves to over the top HDR). Interesting to look back on.


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