Lockheed Martin: Get your Bloody Hands off our Census 2

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Giles Watson
Page 2 of my census form. Just in case anyone has not yet heard, the armaments manufacturer Lockheed Martin is being paid £150 million to administer the UK census. When they are not meddling in our private affairs, or helpfully assisting with interrogations at Guantanamo Bay, this friendly neighbourhood company makes stealth bombers, Trident missiles and cluster bombs, just for the fun of it. Our government uses these weapons to KILL INNOCENT CIVILIANS, or, if they get lucky, ORPHAN FOREIGN CHILDREN. If you filled in your census form and sent it in, unaware that these monsters had a hand in it, do consider sending a letter of protest to the Office of National Statistics. Some people are going a lot further, and risking a £1000 fine and a criminal record because they are not willing to taint their hands with this document. I am still not sure whether I have the gumption to go so far, so while I figure that out, I am decorating my form as a leisure activity. What do you think? Oh, and just in case my artistic skills aren't up to it, that horrible grey splodge in the left hand corner - the one that looks like a manta-ray with a hangover, is actually one of the latest in the range of Lockheed Martin stealth bombers. Aviation Week thinks it is wonderful - do you? Or do you prefer a butterfly, which drinks nectar and never harms anybody. Call me an old hippie any day, but I'd rather have a butterfly than death from the skies, even if it is raining on somebody far away. Sing on, Joni Mitchell. You were right then, and you are right now.


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