Això és una meravella / This is a marvel

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: SBA73
La Sagrada Família per fi té un interior acabat: és una meravella, el fruit del geni únic d'Antoni Gaudí. Falten les paraules per descriure-ho. ====================================================================== This is the crossing and dome of the Sagrada Família basilica, Barcelona, Catalonia. The catalan basilica of La Sagrada Família (The Holy Family) is THE global icon of Barcelona. After more than a century building it, in 2011 the interior was finished and consecrated by the pope Benedict XVI. It's an incredible structure, fruit of the unique mind of Antoni Gaudí. The ceilings look like a spaceship, and the nave and columns, like a palmtree forest. Work began in 1882 and should be completed in 2026, like the medieval cathedrals of old.


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