Ringing in the New Year My Way!

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare
The story behind the shot is part of what makes it fit. True to my nature without intending to be, my first shot of 2011 was random to borderline abstract. My husband decided he'd like to test his aptitude for tedious detail work by attempting to learn the art of chainmaille. Concerned that he would follow the course that is atypical of our family, (skip beginner/intermediate and jump in feet first with an advanced project), Cass & I decided to get him a beginner project and tools for xmas. Well today he decided to give it a go and see if he has what it takes, (besides patience, we also had big concerns there too). To our distinct pleasure, (ok yes a bit of surprise too), he had no trouble at all picking up on the "Helms" weave kit we chose and within half an hour had already completed several inches of very nice looking chain! The Helm chain is an 'orbital' weave, one that 'captures' a ring without having any other rings go through it. We must have chosen well on the tools also because his finished chain is even with no nicks, twists, or uneven links. Needles to say it wasn't long at all before my curiosity had me nonchalantly walking past him to scope out his new toys. I figured I'd do what he always does to me and bug him to let me try it... nope not this time. I had just started by him when I did an about face and grabbed for my camera... 'ohhh shiney's' had caught my attention. Well I only got 4 shots out before he let out his first heavy sigh... no problem, I was done.... I really liked my very first shot.... which also happened to be my very first shot of the new year! Happy New Year everyone! Bud & G :)


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