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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Phil Roeder
The first snow that's going to stay on the ground for a while started falling this morning. After going out for breakfast and swinging by Mary's office, we decided to take a walk in the snow around the State Capitol grounds. Things always look different, and usually more interesting, with snow on them. I took a few photos of some monuments on the Capitol grounds, including this one of President Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad. A statewide penny drive among school children raised money to finance this monument. It is the only representation of Lincoln depicting him in his role as a father. Dedicated in 1961, this sculpture was initiated two years earlier to honor the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday. Fred Torrey, a renowned Lincoln sculptor, designed and created the statue. Mable Torrey, his wife and a specialist in child sculpture, created Tad. The artists used a photograph of the president with his son as a guide.


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