haircap (Polytrichum commune) / кукушкин лен

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Polytrichum 2 Polytrichum Кукушкин лён обыкновенный / Polytrichum commune / Common haircap (Common hair) moss / Влакнестокачулест мъх / Goldene Frauenhaarmoos Polytrichum sp. Moss Juniper Haircap Moss Capsule Polytrichum sp. (a haircap moss) Haircap moss from below common haircap moss (Polytrichum commune) 2010-03-20 033 intermingling of Cypress-leaved Plait-Moss Hypnum cupressiforme and Juniper Haircap Moss Polytrichum juniperinum Polytrichum commune; common haircap moss Juniper Haircap Moss Capsule - epiphragm exposed Common haircap, Polytrichum commune, Björnmossa Common haircap, Polytrichum commune, Björnmossa Haircap Moss Common haircap, Polytrichum commune, Björnmossa Beautiful Hair-moss 2021.07.17_12.03.21_IMG_2890

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Александр Б.
The plant finds application in various spheres of life. Moss has long been most valued as a heater. Advantages of haircap: resistance to rot, heat preservation, moisture absorption in rainy periods, ensuring air exchange, thanks to the bactericidal qualities of the logs do not rot. For the insulation of houses, fresh plants are used, which are placed between wooden elements during construction. It is recommended to pre-clean the moss from extraneous sticks, twigs, cones, grass. Peculiar rigid threads are obtained from the stems when the leaves are removed. After certain manipulations (soaking and combing), the stems can be used as threads for weaving mats, rugs, dense curtains, baskets. Rigid threads are also used for making brooms, brushes. Official medicine does not use this plant culture. However, in folk medicine and cosmetology, haircap has found a worthy application. For the preparation of decoctions, infusions, almost all parts of moss are used – stems, leaves, seeds. For medicinal purposes, it is recommended to harvest raw materials in late summer and early autumn, when the spore seeds ripen. In order to dry the plant qualitatively, it is laid out in the shade, in a well-ventilated room.


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