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Des flocons de neige. Snowflakes. Snowflake Snowflakes Just an old barn in an ice-cold, windy winter landscape somewhere in the country. CARD DELIVERY Daisy Daisy HSS ❄️If snowflakes ❄️ were kisses ... 🎧Como Fui a enamoarme de ti❤️ 🎶🎵 .....Last minute shopping Snowflakes snowflake (Leucojum) 🎵❣️❄️I just want you for my own🎶more than you ever know🎵❤️ Leucojum vernum, called spring snowflake CARD DELIVERY SNOW MOBILE ❄️ The last snow. You will love this tree!! ::{u.f.o}::last snowflake / moonlight choker @ FLF Snowflakes to Dress up the Old Fence

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Alexey Kljatov
Small star plate snowflake with short and broad arms, fine symmetry and complex inner structure. This crystal is one of my all-time favorites. Macro photos of real snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov - ideas for home and office decor, interior designs and gifts (200+ macro photos of real snowflakes, 30+ products: framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, art prints; posters, greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts and more; worldwide shipping): Artist website. My exclusive content available on Patreon. This library contains full-resolution snowflake photos, saved with lossless compression; isolated crystals on transparent background, created with precise hand-drawn masks; desktop and mobile wallpapers, up to 4K; vector versions; early previews of my upcoming works; behind the scenes photos; previews of unusual and interesting specimens from vast source archive; exclusive snow crystals, available only at Patreon. Here is licenses for commercial use.


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