Tiny Mobile Home

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Paul VanDerWerf
I found this little home made trailer while wandering around in Berlin, Germany. I came upon an area of very closely spaced small properties with small house. This area appeared to be surrounded by a park area. I found the following information about these properties on a web site. The pilot project "Gardens in the Garden" integrates sixteen parcels of the allotment gardens "Potsdamer G├╝terbahnhof" north of the U2 bridge in the park at Gleisdreieck. The opening occurs through common areas, project and intercultural community gardens. The marketplace as the centerpiece and connecting element serves as a meeting point and showcase for urban gardeners. Together with the cafe, a place was created that enables communication and interactive exchange between neighbors, park visitors and allotment gardeners. The bee garden is also located here, inviting you to join in. The bee garden is a project of the Kunst Werk Stadt Berlin e.V. in cooperation with the allotment garden colony POG.


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