Mature eagle enjoying the sunrise.

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To take place A Black Headed Bunting near a Paddyfield Juvenile figures time to get out of the mature's space. No more sharing. On a tune of travel melody The mature eagle had just caught the midship fish, minding her own business when whamo...a juvenile comes down a tries to steal it...not a nice world sometimes. I think the mature eagle was getting a little tired of me poking my nose into their business. “The train of life is a little train, which goes from the mountains of boredom to the hills of joy.” Form Gilbert Becaud Black-shouldered Kite,Nankeen Kestrel- Not on My Watch An Immature Black Headed Bunting An Immature Black Drongo Pacfic Gull: Juvenile The mature and juvenile had been eating from the same fish, until the mature had had enough and didn't want to share anymore. sketchbook Australian Magpie- Intentions's time to leave the capsule... Thoughts by fireplace male and FEMALE WASP SPIDERS: Argiope bruennichi Mushroom Lepista nuda - Art Week Gallery Theme - Mushrooms river's edge Here I stand

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Deborah Freeman


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