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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: petersrockypics
A phone shot of some of My photo's in frames. While I favour Nikon in cameras, when it comes to printing photo's it's Canon every time, and I only use Canon inks too, my 2 printers are capable of printing up to A3+. I have created preset templates for sizing photo's to mounts or frames allowing me to just drag / drop / print by selecting the correct template for the desired format. The larger photo's in this pic are black A3 frames, the photo is printed on A3 matte paper with a small black border at around A4 using a preset, creating the effect of a white mount. i use various suppliers for frames, mounts or canvasses, depending on the specification I am looking for, glass fronts (not perspex/plastic) with frames (up to A3+) is a common criteria. While there are a plethora of photo papers out there, I generally use the canon papers, I'm in no way saying they are the best, it's just personal preference. If You've ever considered printing some of your work, do it, seeing Your work in print, that You can touch, hold or stand back and admire vs on a PC screen or smart phone, there is no comparison. "Phone shots" on my photostream are generally copyright - Attribution-share Alike Taken with Samsung S10+ 20201116_163234


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