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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Robert Couse-Baker
I finished my project car today. Of course, it's never really done. All of creation is subject to entropy and decay, and this car will need wrenching for the rest of its service life, but this was a Rubicon of sorts. The car I’ve been restoring for the past two years has reached a plateau of drivability, safety and I hope, reliability. The transition between not done and done is like a line in the fog; but you know it when you reach it: Starts when asked Stops when asked Doesn't smoke on start-up Doesn't smoke on acceleration Doesn't smell Doesn't overheat Doesn't stall Doesn't diesel when shut off Doesn't dribble fluids all over my driveway Basically goes where you point it Defroster works Lights work A/C works Radio works Driver and passengers not routinely terrified by the behavior of the car For all intents and purposes, done. In celebration of this fete, I decided to give the car a good wash and vacuum. And that’s when I accidentally snapped the rearview mirror off the windshield. As I said, never really done.


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