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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Rachel Swallows (Core by Rachel Swallows)
Please see my blog for links to mainstores and events, thank you For this and other great blogs from some of the best bloggers in SL, see Attentionista Blog MASOOM Xanthe Outfit @ Kustom 9 Compatible with : Legacy Perky, Legacy, Lara, Lara Petite and Freya Xanthe is made with 100 % original mesh and textures exclusive for Kustom9, in our main store after the event. Xanthe has materials enabled. Single Tops - available in 12 colors with black/white strap options and on/off wings, collar, teeth/bat hud Fatpack Top - 12 Color Main, Trim, Teeth/bat, Collar & Wings!! - 4 Fatpack Special Main, Trim, Teeth/bat, Collar & Wings!! - Fatpack Special on/off for Teeth/bat, Collar & Wings Single Shorts - available in 12 colors with black/white strap options and on/off horns hud Fatpack Shorts - 12 Color Main, Trim, Horns!! - 4 Fatpack Special Main, Trim, Horns!! - Fatpack Special on/off for Horns ZIBSKA Makeup @ Vanity Cosmetics packs include Omega appliers, tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers. Eyemakeup 15 colours, Lips 18 colours, 3 fits. VENGE Dia De Los Muertos Stiletto Mesh Nail Applier @ The Mainstore Beautifully detailed nails with 9 texture options to pick from in the HUD, each nail can be individually textured. Legacy Perky Petite Body, Lelutka Nova Head, Skin by ItGirls, Hair by Mina, Tattoo by Carol G, Autumn fruits Eyes from Core by Rachel Swallows


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