Vegans Beware!!

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Author: National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Virtual sticky buns to the first contributor who posts the correct number and species of the dead animals on view in this photo. I would have to say that this is not one of the best produced by the Poole organisation. What were they doing (or trying to do) with the whiteout above the heads in the back row? Perhaps it was because the building looks like an animal shelter of some kind? This is a fancy, and by the look of it, a wealthy group indeed. The photo was commissioned by Miss Moore, Ocean View, Tramore. We fully expect the detailed family histories of all involved to magically appear in the comments below. Photographer: A. H. Poole Collection: Poole Photographic Collection, Waterford Date: Thursday, 11 October 1928 NLI Ref: POOLEWP 3586 You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at


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