White Fluff

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Lisa Zins
This picture is for the group Happy Caturday and this week the theme is "Cuteness" (or what makes our cat special to us). I am pretty sure that there is no other cat like Noah! I've never had a cat quite like him. Sometimes he can be so silly running through the house batting toys around or jumping up and off of furniture and then other times he is driving you nuts for treats (and he can be very persistent). Thankfully he seems to be outgrowing the need to wake us up on the weekends. He is so used to my husband leaving the house before 5 am that when the weekend comes and my husband is of course still in bed at 6 am Noah will sit in the hallway and howl in a loud high pitched cry. And then you hear me letting out a loud "FOR... THE.... LOVE.... OF... GOD.... NOAH!!" Yes I understand that he thinks he is doing a good thing by making sure that my husband is up.... but it's 6 am... on a Saturday. ;) I love Noah's long fluffy mane and especially his furry ears. I love that he curls up next to me to sleep at night. I love that he greets people at the door and is inquisitive about new things. And even though I sometimes complain... I love that he keeps me on my toes..... I think. :)))


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