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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Rachel Swallows (Core by Rachel Swallows)
Please see my blog for full sized pics and links to events and mainstores, thank you VERSUS EVENT Opens 24th April DREAMS Michael Unbuttoned Jeans with belt Aesthetic, Jake, Exmachina Davide & Evolve, Signature Geralt & Gianni, SLink, TMP Classic. HUD with 6 plain colours, 10 Styles, 5 belt colours and 5 buckle colours. Signature Gianni Body, Lelutka Skyler Head, Skin by Clef de Peau, Hair by Dura, Tattoo by Howling, Piercings by Drunken Brokkr, Rings by L'Emporio. Backdrop by The Bearded Guy.


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