ISS solar pass on 9th April 2020

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: john.purvis
900mm Equinox Pro f/7.5 scope with Baader safety Herschel wedge ZWO ASI174mm CCD camera Hinodi solar guider EQ6 pro mount with Rowan modified belt drives A little hazy high cloud so happy with this. ISS solar pass - composite view - every 3rd frame Settings on ASI 174 mm: Duration=36.979s Frames captured=3461 File type=SER ROI=1936x1216 FPS (avg.)=93 Shutter=0.451ms Gain=228 (57%) Gamma=49 Histogram=92% Limit=60 Seconds Sensor temperature=29.5 °C Expedition 63 Chris Cassidy Anatoly Ivanishin Ivan Vagner Andrew Morgan Jessica Meir Oleg Skripochka


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