Stucco Replacement in Ukiah

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The houses in Vienna are not only very beautiful from the outside, but also the stairwells with their cast-iron railings and great stucco decoration on the walls are simply beautiful. The Door Refinishing the Baptismal Pool at Saint Seraphim of Sarov Contractor Norman Hudson Admires the Completed Work at Fountaingrove Sealing the Stucco Finish in Fountaingrove Applying the Final Coat of Acrylic Stucco Ready for Window and Door Trim Norman Makes the Sand Fly at Fountaingrove Close to Completion in Fountaingrove Getting Ready to Apply the First Layer of Stucco Working on the Trim at Fountaingrove Finishing the Fountaingrove Project Insulation Support Netting Two New Projects in Fountaingrove for Norman's Crew Entrance Sign at Autumn Leaves Senior Housing Complex, Ukiah Restoring a Fountaingrove Mansion Fountaingrove, Sonoma County, California Norman's Crew Beautifying a Gritty Corner of Ukiah Hilltop House, Sonoma County Fountaingrove, Sonoma County, California

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Bob Dass
Norman Hudson and his crew working at Autumn Leaves, a 40-year-old senior housing complex in Ukiah. Workers are applying a base coat. After the base coat, there will be a brown coat and a finish coat.


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