Colorado Health Club

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Zach Dischner
The best health club ever: 1: 8.5 mile hike uphill 2 cliff bars and dehydrated meals 3. Soak in NA's highest hotspring-above 11k feet 4. Camelback with a potent mixture of Jack and Ice cream 5: Therapeutic thermarest Hells ya! The Conundrum hot springs are the highest around and make for one wicked awesome backpack trip. This was snapped from the pool. Its literally the perfect temp and we relaxed for 4 hours in it after the hike up. If anyone backpacks at all this is definitely the highlight of my summer. The springs themselves are pretty much right between Aspen and Crested Butte CO and had some of the best scenery I've yet to see.


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