Boho Farmhouse

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Kylie_Jaxxon
Ayla has done a GORGEOUS 13-piece set for The Arcade. I've chosen a few select pieces, but the full set is a must-see. From the "Boho Farmhouse" collection: Bench w/Cloth (Rare) Stone & Wood Frames Stone Jars & Candlestick Tray Macramé Stools (Blue, Grey) Now @The Arcade Ayla Mainstore Ayla Flckr for full set key: Also Included: Infinite Farm Bar: Rustic Rack (Dark), Wooden Coop Box (Dark), Ceramic Vase (Blue & Terracotta) - New Release by KraftWork @ Anthem Also from KraftWork: Grasmere Old Flowers Rug Morelos Ladder by Serenity Style Disarray Old Jar Plant, Attic Hideout Vase Set, Summer's End Branch, Seashore Mug Candle, Rustic Metal Teacups, Antique Dinnerware Bowl, Antique Baby Cups & Farmhouse Brunch Plate Stack by Nutmeg Autumn Preserves & Rusted Flour Tin by Apple Fall Basket of Avocados by Granola Coffee Mill by iTuTu Laurel's Kitchen Herbs (Rosemary) by Elm Wimberley Farmhouse by Scarlet Creative


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