Houses on the water — Natashquan

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Gael Varoquaux
The bay of Natashquan: far North-East Quebec, the last town on the road of the North coast of the Saint Laurent bay. I took this picture close to sunset, walking on the beach at low tide and holding the camera close the the ground to use the reflections on the wet sand. I looked for lines in the clouds and in the sand that directed to the center of interest: the houses. In terms of post-processing, I worked on increasing the contrast on the houses and decreasing it far from them, as well as on the colors. Technically, I used the darktable software. I used the equalizer contrasts with the bloom preset far away from the houses to drecrease the contrast, and on the houses with the clarity preset to increase it there. I also used the soften filter on the bottom of the image to smooth it even more. For the colors, I used split toning, pushing the shadow to a deep purple and the higlights to light yellow. On the right of the image (slightly bottom), I also used color correction to push the highlights even more to yellow.


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