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#09 09.25.09 #09 - B side 09 April 09 #09 #09 Pink 09_19_DSC01036 09.04 Walk 09 09-8150-6 09_Panorama_Ausstellungsansicht 09/08/2007 09_1WID_Kreuzkirche 09-8150-11 09-r11 09.28 總統結束澎湖訪視行程返回台北 Flatey 27.júní 09,Iceland 09/366 Break 09

License: No Copyright
Author: Navy Medicine
09-8150-009 Print b&w 8X10 Fast games of tennis on the hospital courts keep Navy Nurses fit. Evelyn van Lessun of Saint Paul, Kansas follows through after a smack at the net. Her partner is Elizabeth Payne of Athens, Texas. [Sports. Athletics.] [Portraits.] [Women.] [Nurses. Nursing.] [Scene.] Nurse Corps - Recreation - Miscellaneous. Number MS-RE-0020-0042833


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