Getting Ready to Work at a Sprawling Senior Housing Complex in Ukiah

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Bob Dass
You can click here for a much better view (sharper, better color, and no nadir and zenith pinching) or enjoy what Flickrâ„¢ provides. But do click on the external link (to and you'll be happy forever--if you derive your happiness from watching carefully made 360 panoramas on the best viewing platform online. Norman and his crew getting ready to work repairing the soffits of this sprawling, 92-unit, senior housing complex in Ukiah, called, appropriately, Autumn Leaves. What better time than mid-autumn. Fun fact: I once applied for subsidized housing at this complex. Eventually, however, I was able to continue renting the house I was living in. GPS is 39.143698, -123.199593.


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