Whalers Way on Eyre Peninsula. A private coastal park near Port Lincoln. Known for its blow holes, crevasses, caverns, grottos etc.

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Whalers Village - Maui Corroded The bed is melting Galapagos Sea Lion Whalers Cove at Point Lobo Morning Pines in the fog at Point Lobo Morning  Fog at Whalers Cove , Point Lobo Port Lincoln. Eyre Peninsula. Waves breaking on rocky cliffs on Whalers Way. Port Lincoln Eyre Peninsula. The rocky and rugged coastline of Whalers Way. The Whaler's Inn, Mystic Whalers Way near Port Lincoln. Waves breaking ona  rocky headland along Whalers Way. Whaler's Church Milkmaid Caring for Bears and Whalers Bright spot Whalers Way near Port Lincoln. A pretty little blue rock pool about to be submerged by a huge crashing wave. Whalers Way is a privately owned coastal park. Stairs Kay's Ready! Whalers Way on Eyre Peninsula. A private coastal park near Port Lincoln. Known for its blow holes, crevasses, caverns, grottos etc.  A spectacular drive with such beautiful and rugged coastline open to the Southern Ocean. Port Lincoln Eyre Peninsula. Giant aloes on Mikkira station. Port Lincoln Eyre Peninsula. The old Mikkira sheep station homestead dating from 1842.  It was once thatched over galvanised iron.

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Whalers Way and Mikkira Station. This is a spectacular coastal drive with sandy beaches, emerald seas, cliff tops, blow holes and wave cut platforms. The South Australian Company operated a whaling station here from 1837 to 1841 hence the name. Next to Whalers Way which is privately owned property is Lincoln National Park which we do not visit. As with Whalers Way Matthew Flinders charted this coast in 1802. Around the tip of Seaford Bay he hit Cape Catastrophe which he so named. The dangerous water here claimed the lives of two officers and six crew on 21 February 1802 when they were examining the coast in a small boat. Flinders was shaken by this loss of life and he named the cove nearby Memory Cove and six of the islands near here were named after the officers and crew – Thistle Island, Taylor Island, Grindall Island, Williams Island, Lewis Island, Hopkins Island, Little Island and Smith Island. Flinders went on to name Cape Donington after his birthplace village and Port Lincoln after his home country and Boston Island after the town nearest his birthplace. Nearby is Mikkira sheep station settled in 1842 by the Borthwick family.


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