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The beam engine and boiler room of this long abandoned tin mine, Cornwall. El Reno, Oklahoma, USA Bombay Beach, Imperial County, California Basement Apartment. Hamble, Tennesse, USA a break Chill London Central MHV3 on Route 35, Clapham Common Macro Mondays (Corners) Aritificial Jewellery Seller Fee Free Ferry CITRO√čN Visa I'm A Bad Guy the umbrella is slightly on the small side, but it's cheap... I'll take two! India series .. 1997 CASTLE ROCK PANORAMA Snipefly Cheap Sheep for Sale Floating Down Trying to learn to draw

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: William Murphy
My disk containing my 2016 catalogue was damaged but after much time and effort I have managed to recover the original RAW files giving me the opportunity to re-process the images using the latest available software[actually Beta software]. Moore's Law is the observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future. In subsequent years, the pace slowed down a bit, but data density has doubled approximately every 18 months, and this is the current definition of Moore's Law, which Moore himself has blessed. Most experts, including Moore himself, expect Moore's Law to hold true until 2020-2025.


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