Pulteney Bridge Reflections

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UK - Somerset - Bath Adelaide. Yellow and red Christmas trees lit up. Adelaide. Grange. The Marines three storey town houses. Built in 1883 as the first 8 of a group of 20. This is the entrance to one town house. The rest were never built. They sell now for about AUS$1.5 million.. Adelaide. Grange. The Marines three storey town houses. Built in 1883 as the first 8 of a group of 20. The rest were never built. Right on the esplanade. Wirrabara. The evocative and brilliant silo art of Sam Bates.  Depicts the red capped robin of the Wirrabara state forests and a forester with his axe and a robin on his shoulder. . Adelaide. Dinner of Persian food at Naaz on Pulteney. Jewelled rice with slow cooked chicken. The saffron rice is jewelled with slivered almonds and pistachios, barberries, pomegranite, sultanas etc. Adelaide. Excellent tasting platter of Persian food at Naaz on Pulteney. Pulteney Bridge Wirrabara. Details of the beautiful silo art by Sam Bates of Melbourne.  The forester and the red capped robin. There were extensive forests beyond the town. Wirrabara silo art. The pretty red capped robin contrasting with the muted colours of the Wirrabara forests. Artist Sam Bates of Melbourne. Wirrabara. This steam engine was taken to the Wirrabara Forests in 1882. They were established 1877. The engine drove a circualr saw used for cutting railway sleepers in the 1880s. There were two saw mills at WIrrabara Pulteney Point Lighthouse Wirrabara silo art by Same Bates. Details of the wrinkled face of the local forester with his axe. Beyond the silos is the former Wirrabara forests established in 1877. Closed down by the Labor government 2015. Pulteney Bridge, Bath Beautiful Bath Pulteney Bridge and Weir The Bath Jacuzzi! Wirrabara. The 1884 Institute closed 1912 and became a furniture store. Consecrated as an Anglican Church 1964 with the 1908 foundation stone from the first demolished Anglican church. Wirrabara. Stained glass window in the Wirrabara Catholic Church. Wirrabara. The western side of the Catholic Church. Built from 1930 and consecrated 1934.

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie


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