I See You

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I see you!! I can fly! I was hitchhiking ..”I pray of thee!...I invoke thee!...Manon, fill me!.. I invoke thee, Manon! Greetsiel I I DRAGON // i \\ I look afar I am walking | i | All I Survey I'm next I follow rivers /// i \\\ I Follow you ------i-- |  |  | i |  |  | I Faro I take Arizona I love you

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Lisa Zins
This picture is for the group Happy Caturday and this week the theme is "Masterpieces". I kinda like this picture even though Elijah is not in focus. Actually, I'm surprised that you can even see him! We were playing with the packing paper from Chewy. The boys love that stuff. I should just ask Chewy to sell me a whole box of it! :)


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