Southern Crown

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Hypatia Alexandria
A fleeting glimpse into the Southern Sky. Corona Australis (Bottom left) is a faint constellation just beneath Sagittarius and is home to the Corona Australis Molecular Cloud, a star-forming region 430 light-years away from our Solar System, adjacent to the nebulosity is the globular cluster NGC 6723, though close in the sky, NGC 6723 is actually ~28,000 light years further away. Imaging was quite a challenge as Corona Australis was only 14 degrees above the horizon at the time of imaging and the afternoon's storms were still clearing out. Thankfully enough subs were cloud-free to provide a decent SNR. Acquisition Details: Captured just before moonrise, 8/21/19 15x30" lights 7.5 mins total integration f/3.2 ISO-1600 Bortle Class 4 skies Gear: Camera - EOS 350D Lens - Canon 50mm f/1.8 Mount - NyxTech NyxTracker V2 Tripod Software Used: Adobe Camera Raw Deep Sky Stacker PixInsight 1.8 Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Notes: -Image is displayed at 75% final resolution -Image is processed for natural color


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