Noah Bird Watching

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Lisa Zins
This picture is for the group Happy Caturday and this week the theme is "Cool Cats". Since the boys are indoor cats they don't have to deal with the high heat and humidity here in Tennessee... they are always cool in the central air. :) Noah sometimes likes to sit in this chair by the door where he can watch the birds, deer, rabbits and ducks come into the yard to eat. NEED ADVICE: Noah seems to have a problem that maybe someone has an idea of how to help. Before the 4th of July we had some bad storms that produced some large hail that lasted a good 20 minutes or so, continually hitting the windows and the air vents on the roof. We had a large limb fall from a tree close to the house. A couple of days later we again had a bad storm and a much larger limb fell. Then on the 4th of July there were fireworks (along with that weekend). Living on a peninsula surrounded by boat clubs there is always a lot of professional fireworks going off. It is pretty loud, echoing all around our house. Neither of the boys were afraid of storms prior to the storm with hail. Noah is now petrified of rain, storms, helicopters.. pretty much anything loud (we are not far from a military base along with the airport so we do have helicopters throughout the day). He runs and hides under the bed. Sometimes I can get him to come out for a treat but then he runs back underneath the bed until it passes. One night during a storm I got him to come out for a treat. I got down on my knees and leaned over to pet him and he crawled underneath me and curled up in a ball and was shaking horribly. I almost started crying! I have never seen him or any cat shake so bad. I've never had a cat that became so afraid of storms or just light rain. I did call the Vet to see what I could do short of medication. He said to try to pet him, play with him with toys he only uses during those "noisy" times, treats, etc. I made him a safe spot in the closet but he seems to prefer under the bed still. I've been trying to do the things the Vet recommended but not much is helping. I feel so awful that he is this terrified. And I feel even worse not being able to comfort him. If anyone has any advice... I'm all ears.


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