Sunset and the Key Monastery

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Rajarshi MITRA
Photographing the Key Monastery is quintessential to your Spiti trip. But we had some other plans, wanted to shoot the Milkyway with this gorgeous landscape. So we started the grueling hike. Lugging around tons of camera gear is probably every photographer's nightmare. Especially in extreme weather conditions. Anyway, we found our sweet spot and it was already looking incredible. But you know how quickly the weather takes a U-turn in such altitudes. Instead of an orange sunset, the clouds started covering everything but leaving behind some dope light. Soon after i took this shot, we had to quickly pack our gears and scamper downhill. The lightning & thunder scared the shit out of us! As the rain started pelting down, it became super chilly and the Milkyway, never showed up that night but who's complaining...


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