Big Spring Falls

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Paul VanDerWerf
This is a photo of the Kettle River in East Central Minnesota and in the town of Sandstone. The water falls was not visible when I grew up here because of a down stream electric power dam. It was removed in 1995 having been unused for many years to allow river sturgeon to swim up stream. The water was quite high when I took this and there is water coming in from three directions with Big Spring Falls in the center. This is a panorama of nine photos. The brown color of the water is due to tannins from plant material. This river goes back to the time when glaciers covered much of this area. It served as an outlet to Lake Duluth a precursor of present day Lake Superior. The river over time eroded a deep gorge or canyon in the predominant sandstone rock of the area. All the rocks here are sandstone.


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