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The Prayer Flags the chapel The Chipmunk Standoff! The river The knives The boat The Lifeguards Tower The cutest one The Cloisters The last hurrah The Door Guardian over the rainbow The Ridge The Beach On the beach The Shard The Kelpies_G5A0401 The One.. The dotted line

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Rachel Swallows (Core by Rachel Swallows)
Models Rachel Swallows & Bewitched Difference Wicca's Originals Jaenya Dress & Matching Dragonrider Gloves @ The Final Winter Free gifts in Dragon Eggs @ the event Rachel also wears Salt and Pepper Evie Boots on Market Place Water Horses @ Inworld Store, Ride-able Bento Horses Horses Tack by Jinx @ Inworld Store Please see my blog for more photos, details and links thank you Photo Location Endless


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