Viola hederaceae

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Blue Mountains Library, Local Studies
Notes: Perennial herb with short erect stems, glabrous to densely hairy. Leaves tufted; lamina variable, reniform to ± circular, mostly 0.5–20 mm long, 0.5–30 mm wide, base mostly truncate or cordate, sometimes cuneate, margins entire to crenate to sinuate-toothed; petiole mostly 2–6 cm long. Flower scapes to 10 cm long, occasionally longer, bracteoles near the middle. Sepals 4–5 mm long. Petals 7–10 mm long, mostly mauve and white, upper petals ± ovate, lateral petals bearded. Capsule ovoid, 4–6 mm long. Format: colour transparency - Kodak Ektachrome Date Range: Dec 1986 Location: Undercliff Walk, Wentworth Falls Licensing: Attribution, creative commons Repository: Blue Mountains City Library Part of Local Studies Collection: ME 10012 Provenance: Michael Eades (1954-2002) Links:


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