i am nothing

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I see you!! I can fly! I was hitchhiking Greetsiel I I DRAGON // i \\ I See You I am walking | i | I'm next All I Survey I Follow you /// i \\\ |  |  | i |  |  | ------i-- I Faro Him & I I love you I feel everything You and I

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: jasleen_kaur
much better large You are the greatest of the great, exalted and lofty on high; I am infinitesimally small. I am nothing; You are the One and only. You Yourself are All-knowing. With just a momentary Glance of Your Grace, God, I live; I enjoy all pleasures and delights. I seek the Sanctuary of Your Feet; I am the slave of Your slaves. My mind has blossomed forth, and my body is rejuvenated.


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