License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Colton Vond
Pleasantry never lasts long with this lot. [23:43] Alexandr Romanov (coltonvond): What the [23:43] Tinashe Rowland (mortifiedpride): HIIII! [23:43] Edyn 'Blu' Belyakova (edyn.hoxley): 8D [23:43] ๖ۣۜLucien ๖ۣۜLazarus (daruropoe): Oh [23:43] ๖ۣۜLucien ๖ۣۜLazarus (daruropoe): hi [23:43] Tinashe Rowland (mortifiedpride): YOU LEFT US ALONE [23:44] Dove Crow (serenity.zenovka): harro [23:44] Dove Crow (serenity.zenovka): i have sandwhiches [23:44] ๖ۣۜLucien ๖ۣۜLazarus (daruropoe): Welcome back! [23:44] Alexandr Romanov (coltonvond): why does Norio have corn [23:44] Tinashe Rowland (mortifiedpride): Suddenly SL is playing sexy music, okay, I can dig this. [23:44] Dove Crow (serenity.zenovka): I feel like, I am about to be sacrificed [23:44] Edyn 'Blu' Belyakova (edyn.hoxley): Because he loves to torture me [23:44] ๖ۣۜLucien ๖ۣۜLazarus (daruropoe): Yes [23:45] Rᴏxᴀɴɴᴇ Rᴏᴍᴀɴᴏᴠᴀ (roxannesteele13): we're adults [23:45] Tinashe Rowland (mortifiedpride): ABSOLOUTELY


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