The broth was superb! I opted for no offal

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: shankar s.
Traditional Thai soup with rolled up noodles, pork and offal. I opted for the version with no offal and no pork- this is probably my guide's bowl of soup. The broth was simply out of this world,and I went in for seconds- the soup only, which the local cafe on the canal was happy to provide at no extra charge. Though super cramped and congested, and with loud Thai music playing at top volume, the tiny cafe was a museum in itself, with an old fan, old valve radio and other household paraphernalia, some of which I remember from my grandpa or dad using when I was a kid. As for the soup, this could be Guay Jab (Rolled Noodles in Brown Pork Soup) but don't quote me on that one! (Bangkok, Thailand, Oct. 2018)


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