Hyposyle or Khent Hall; Denderah

License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Boston Public Library
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000227 Page Title: Hyposyle or Khent Hall; Denderah Collection: William Vaughn Tupper Scrapbook Collection Album: On the Nile. Cairo to Luxor. Call no.: 4098B.104 v31 (p.40) Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn Photographer: G. Lékégian & Cie Genre: Scrapbooks; Albumen prints Extent: 1 photographic print mounted on page : albumen ; page 33 x 39 cm. Description: Scrapbook page contains one photograph of Hypostyle Hall. One man sits in front of a column in the hall. The annotations included on this page describe the history as well as some of the artwork in Hypostyle Hall. Transcription: The first large hall of an Egyptian temple frequently bore the name of Khent Hall that is front room, as is the case here at Edfu and Philæ.; it has also several other names refering to the astronomical representations on both halves of the ceiling it is frequently called " Nut-Usekh-Urt" that is the Great Hall of the Goddess Nut who as a symbol of the vault of heaven was represented as a woman bending her face toward the earth and letting her arms hang down - Nut Two colossal representations of this figure are found on the ceiling of the Hypostyle hall at Denderah. On festal occasions the image of the goddess was conveyed in her sacred boat to the hall of Heaven to meet there the sun god his father.; 143 feet, broad 80 feet long, 50 feet high. Notes: Page description supplied by cataloger, derived from captions and/or annotated information.; Caption on image (Denderah) Salle hyostyle. BPL Department: Print Department Rights: No known restrictions.


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