The Portico of Hathor. The Egyptian Venus

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Boston Public Library
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000220 Page Title: The Portico of Hathor. The Egyptian Venus. Collection: William Vaughn Tupper Scrapbook Collection Album: On the Nile. Cairo to Luxor Call no.: 4098B.104 v31 (p.34) Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn Photographer: Beato, Antonio, ca. 1825-ca. 1903 Genre: Scrapbooks; Albumen prints Extent: 1 photographic print mounted on page : albumen ; page 33 x 39 cm. Description: Scrapbook page contains one photograph of the Portico of Hathor. The annotations included on this page describe the useage and d├ęcor of the Portico of Hathor. Transcription: The Portico is supported by 24 Hathor headed columns. It is 139 feet in breadth. ; The images of the divinities on banner poles. Lastly came the chambers sacred to Osiris. Isis. Hathor into which only the king could enter. There is nothing to indicate that any one save the King and the priests could enter any part of this temple. The people seemed to have been absolutely shut out of it. It was a sacred depository for the riches of the Gods. One chamber was a laboratory for making and keeping the oils and.; Isis. Ahtor or Hathor. Het Heru. the house of Horus is identified with Nut the sky, or place where she brought forth and suckled Horus. She is often represented in the form of a cow coming out of the Theban Hills- Budge. Hathor. Isis. Muth. Three goddesses are really different modifications of the same fundamental idea. They represent the female element in the creation of Gods. lepsius Notes: Page description supplied by cataloger, derived from captions and/or annotated information.; Page contains handdrawn hierogphyics and a drawing of Isis. BPL Department: Print Department Rights: No known restrictions.


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