Encampment of Beduins.

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Boston Public Library
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000202 Page Title: Encampment of Beduins. Collection: William Vaughn Tupper Scrapbook Collection Album: On the Nile. Cairo to Luxor. Call no.: 4098B.104 v31 (p.18) Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn Photographer: G. Lékégian & Cie. Genre: Scrapbooks; Albumen prints Extent: 1 photographic print mounted on page : albumen ; page 33 x 39 cm. Description: Scrapbook page consists of one photograph of Beduin people and there encampment. The annotations included on this page describe the lifestyle of the Beduin people of Egypt. Transcription: The Bedouins- the Bedawi-Bedu- consisting of various tribes quite dissimilar are Nomadic Arabs very unlike the fellahin and the Arabs of the Towns. The Beduins of the north have inherited the fiery blood of the desert tribes who achieved such exploits under the banner of the prophet. it is indifferent to a Beduin where he pitches his tent, provided the pasturage is good and a spring nearby- It is only a shelter from the sun and chilling night. He is very poor, flocks of goats, and camels are his only possesion- He is a lax Mussulman, not praying five times each day and knowing little of the Koran. Relics of the old star worship is found amounsgst them, Notes: Page description supplied by cataloger, derived from captions and/or annotated information. ; Caption on image: Campemed de Beduins No. 322. BPL Department: Print Department Rights: No known restrictions.


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