Tomb of Ameni Amenemhat.

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution
Author: Boston Public Library
BPLDC no.: 08_04_000194 Page Title: Tomb of Ameni Amenemhat. Collection: William Vaughn Tupper Scrapbook Collection Album: On the Nile. Cairo to Luxor. Call no.: 4098B.104 v31 (p. 10) Creator: Tupper, William Vaughn Photographer: S├ębah, J. Pascal Genre: Scrapbooks; Albumen prints Extent: 1 photographic print mounted on page : albumen ; page 33 x 39 cm. Description: Scrapbook page consists of one photograph of the Tomb of Ameni Amenemhat. The annotations included on this page recount the history of the Tomn of Ameni Amenemhat. Transcription: 1500 years older than any Doric Columns in Greece endless controversy has arisen amount scholars as to priority of idea. The coumns seem to be a natural evolution from the square pillar of the Granite Temple near Gizeh, with flutes and champfered edges. The Tomb of Ameni-Amenemhat tells us that he was a great soldier in the time of Usertesen I. Mariette B.C 2851. Lepsius 2380. Wilkinson 2080. He Campainged against " the miserable Kushites" as they are called in the inscription. In peace he says " I cultivated the entire nome of Mah with many workmen. I troubled no child and oppressed no widow, neither did I take a fisherman from his fishing or a herdsman from his herds. There was no head of village whose people I had taken away for compulsory labor and there was no one unhappy or hungry in my times" The tombs at Benihasaen have manifold represenations of the Life of that period. Notes: Page description supplied by cataloger, derived from captions and/or annotated information.; Caption on image: Beni-Hassan tombe de " Ameni-Amenemhat (interieur).; Page includes hand drawn hieroglyphics and drawings. BPL Department: Print Department Rights: No known restrictions.


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