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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Hartwig HKD
Bad Luck For some years in my life fortune disappeared I had bad luck whatever I did This is why I stopped doing things I slowed down Life was colourless Bad Lands of the soul Inner prison Chains of doubt and depression Dark night of the soul Visiting the underworld Meetings with the past With time and decadence Having experienced Hades and found his wisdom I reach the exit with the light I found HKD Psychology The gate represents the borderline between underworld and upper world. People who are strongly motivated by B3 live on the grey side. On the other side the sun breaks through the clouds. The sunny side I experience when I am strongly motivated by A3. Like Yin and Yang both energies A3 + B3 go and work together. Motivated by B3 means = misfortune, depression and jealousy. Motivated by A3 means - fortune, optimism, success and easiness HKD


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