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Buddha Sun Le Grand Bouddha du Kotoku-in (Kamakura, Japon) Image from page 620 of The Paradise of Amitabha Buddha, China, probably 8th century, British Museum, 1919,0101,0.6.  -- In Bouddha Amida (Amitâbha) Musée Cernuschi Amida Buddha A road to serenity Pagoda Phap Bao, Hoi An, Vietnam Le Bouddha Amitabha (musée Cernuschi) Bodhisattva Lokesvara irradiant (musée Guimet) Statue of Lord Buddha, meditation posture, Amitabha, wearing a blessed white Tibetan khata (kata), ritual scarf, Asiatic lily, plants, bamboo fence, Seattle, Washington, USA DiegoEsposito_03 Buddha's from Tibet Namo Amitabha Buddha Le Bouddha enfant, Maitreya et Amitabha (musée Guimet) western paradise of the buddha amitabha Washington DC 0412 Enlightened Buddha sitting happily in meditation, (Amitabha), long ears, flame of aura on his head, silver metal stepped throne with lotus inscribed patterns, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA Amitabha @ Tsukiji Hongwanji Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha) Sanzen-in, Ojo-Gokuraku-in (Amitabha Hall) -2 (April 2019)

License: Creative Commons - Attribution-No Derivatives
Author: Hartwig HKD
To me Buddhism is much more than a religion. To me the concept is philosophy and psychology. Self-reflection, self-knowledge, awareness open the gate to Paradise or Shambhala. The moment I feel inner peace I feel in Paradise; inner peace with all aspects of myself. What are these aspects? Aspects of “my” self I can compare with different aspects of emotion. All different emotions from love to hate are aspects of my self. The emotion of love I find expressed in many different pictures: Jesus Christ for example is a metaphor for love. A rose with thorns as well. And of course Buddha Amitabha. Padmasambhava, an ancient teacher of Buddhism in Tibet, is also known as emanation of the transcendent Buddha. Transcendent to me means “cosmic” a form of psychogenic energy which motivates me in a certain direction. The energy of Amitabha for example motivates me to learn about Buddhism, meditation and the psychological concepts. Amitabha to me is a metaphor for a certain form of motivation I prefer to call B3. The motivation B3 does not belong to any religious concept. But in every concept I find the energy which motivates me to look for my origin. Where do I come from? Who am I? What will I be? These questions arise in my mind because of B3. Searching for the answers to me is the way to paradise. Because finding back to inner peace and deep understanding of what and who I am is like finding Paradise. HKD Rinpoche answered: "In the moment you understand, that love and hate belong together there is no more reason for you to discredit and dishonour the one or the other." He looked at me and smiled: "Since I was a child I always wanted to love. But it took ages before I was able to accept my hate. I felt guilty when I was not able to love certain things. I learned to love my resistence. I still do not love certain things... now without feeling guilty. I still love me even if I say NO... for example to the slavery of unconsciousness. I say YES to consciousness. I say Yes to inner peace and freedom. The world only exists because of duality. This will never change. But the inner duality can come to peace because of your consciousness, because of your awareness." HKD Amitabha gilt im tibetischen Vajrayana Buddhismus als Urbuddha der Lotusfamilie. Er wird auch als Adibuddha bezeichnet. Für mich ist das der Urzustand oder das ungeteilte Bewusstsein. Das geteilte Bewusstsein ist für mich das auf alltägliche Dinge fixierte Bewusstsein. Mein Ich erlebt von Bewusstsein erzeugte Vielheit. Solange Trennung wahrgenommen wird - in welcher Form auch immer - nenne ich es geteiltes Bewusstsein im Gegensatz zum einheitlichen. Im einheitlichen Bewusstsein nimmt alles diese Einheit wahr. Im getrennten Alltagsbewusstsein nimmt alles die Trennung wahr. Hier erlebe ich Wettbewerb - Wettkampf. Je weiter sich das Einheitsbewusstsein ausdehnt, umso mehr verstärken sich Liebe und Frieden. HKD Die Energie B3 motiviert zur Beschäftigung mit der Innenwelt, der Psyche. Die Energie A3 motiviert zur Beschäftigung mit der Außenwelt. HKD


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