Woman Running Barefoot

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: Raquel Baranow
The most pretty, healthy guys & gals were at Torry Pines State Beach. I used to run barefoot, 6-miles or more on the beach in all kinds of weather and take a vigorous swim in the biggest waves. Now I can't do it any more because I smoke cigs. Makes me feel so sad. Another aspect of this bad trip, which I cut short after one day. I hope her pic will inspire me to GET HEALTHY, again! :) EDIT (21 May 10): This picture (cropped below the waist) was in an on-line ("Lifehacker") article about barefoot running. I also used to do 100-mile bike rides barefoot. EDIT (24 Sept 10): Picture (cropped above the waist) was in an on-line article ("Lifehacker") on How To Build the Ultimate Beats Per Minute Optimized Playlist. EDIT (9 Sept 11): Just got back from the same beach (haven't quite quit smoking) and was running 3-miles barefoot, which caused a sprained (or strained) ankle. Note that running barefoot uses different ankle muscles/tendons, which caused the strain. The ankle swelled up and caused me to limp a little for the week I spent at the Burning Man festival. I may start running again in a few days wearing shoes. One more thing I noticed this year was the expensive and figure-flattering outfits these healthy runners wear.


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