Eating the sun

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike
Author: CAJC: in the PNW
"The manufacture of life from light is not the only thing going on as our dawn sweeps over Asia. For every leaf that greets the dawn there’s an ant that eyes the leaf; for the growing grass there are hungry calves, and for the fattening calves there are hungry men; for the sugar-swollen root there’s a sugar-sucking fungus. For growth there’s decay. All over the world, by day and night, animals and bacteria and fungi and the plants themselves are using the oxygen which photosynthesis spits out into the atmosphere to turn organic material back into carbon dioxide and water. In so doing, they liberate the energy the plants stored away. " Oliver Morton. Eating the Sun Happy Sliders Sunday! All done within LightRoom by playing with saturation and luminance


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