sejong_the great

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Sejong Cultural Center They are escorts of the statue of King Sejong who is the creator of Hangeul(Korean language)? leonardo_da_vinci 200821-N-NO842-3023 einstein 170503-N-BL637-149 USS Lake Champlain leads the Republic of Korea ships while transiting the Western Pacific. F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets fly over the Republic of Korea ships and USS Carl Vinson. beethoven 世宗大王雕像, 朝鮮世宗, 朝鮮世宗莊憲大王, 朝鮮莊憲國王, 李祹, 光化門, 景福宮, 首爾, 漢城, 韓國, 南韓, 大韓民國, Sejong the Great, Gwanghwamun, Gyeongbokgung, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea, Republic of Korea, ROK, Daehan Minguk, 조선 세종, 광화문, 경복궁, 서울, 대한민국 King Sejong 👑 Korea_Fans_Cheers_Team_Korea_20140618_01 Lr43_PB150087 Lr43_PB150012 A night view of Seolbong Park located in Icheon where is famous for production of delicious rice. Lr43_PB150088 King Sejong the Great Lr43_PB150099 City hall area Lr43_PB150090

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